WND seeks to track visits to WND.com websites
Day: Sunday August 16, 2009
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WND seeks to track visits to WND.com websites

WND’s article, “Obama seeks to track visits to .gov websites,” is reminiscent of the adage “the pot calling the kettle black.” While I agree with WND’s concern about the government tracking visitors to government websites, WND does the same and allows Google, not an ally to freedom, and others to use that data beyond the WND site.

While it makes sense for an advertising company to use techniques that bring more value to their customer, sometimes you must draw the line when there is too much information to know. As Google and others know you more, and the government using Google to track your visits, imagine a year in the near future where Google is acquired by the Federal Government. After all, we saw it happen to the previously invincible GM. In reality, it does not require a takeover, just cooperation. The government becomes Big Brother, and Google becomes Daddy!

Our history is one of free Americans. I want our future to be a free, also.

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