Preparing our kids to contend



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It is my desire that my kids will be able to handle difficult questions as they go through life rather than simply submitting to others. Without this ability they are minions.

Some statements made include:

Given nutrition, sanitation, and health care which is the first you would give up?

There is no such thing as a Christian country.

The call to the Christian is to love the Muslim and contend with Islam.

There is no call in Scripture for an institutional church.

There is no call to tithe to the institutional church.

There is no call for a sermon, but rather dialog.

The Lord’s Supper is a meal, not a wafer.

There is no command to build the temple.

The Lord defines marriage.

Marriage is defined as sex.

Concluding statements

“If they can’t contend with me on the issues that I just brought up, how are they ever going to contend with the world?”

“If they can’t contend with somebody who loves them dearly, and gives them difficult questions for them to deal with; If they can handle someone who loves them, what’s going to happen when they are around people who hate them?”

“I’m trying to love them. The way to love them is to prepare them.”

“Those who are in my way doing that, get out of the way, you are hating my kids.”

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