Torture, Pastors, Elders, and Reconciliation
Day: Thursday September 14, 2017 ● #1
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Waterboarding was described. A formal offer was made in “Love, Cowardice, Boldness; A Waterboarding Offer”.

Luke 23:34 “…Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing. …”

Yes, I am aware that this verse is a textual variance and is not in all of the early manuscripts.

I don’t think that takes away from the fundamental points of the video.

The Kozlowski Family ● Kozlowski
● Torture, Pastors, Elders, and Reconciliation
Love, Cowardice, Boldness; A Waterboarding Offer

Please note that this is dead serious as described and an open offer.

PLEASE Ask my wife

A serious request, in less than 2 minutes, to anyone who can contact my wife!

Do you bow the knee to the Lord or the Institution

An offer of dialog to the congregation, not the leadership.

What model does the religious leadership follow, past and present?

On October 31st of 2017, the very day marking the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s proclamation of the 95 Thesis, around 8 am I got a loud knock at my door from a detective from the Cleveland Police Department.

Update on Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, Adultery, Mercy

If adultery is a new marriage, then the new marriage is not continued adultery.

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, Adultery, Mercy

This might make you very uncomfortable, or you might find the Lord’s marvelous mercy.

Institutional Fraud
This is a continuation of a challenge set before Covenant Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, Tennessee last week which is a part of an effort to both restore a family and contend for the faith.
Challenge to Covenant Presbyterian Church

Does “test everything” (1Th 5:21) not include the institution?

Farmers Market, Store, Marriage
Jim Cross - Interpret Scripture with Scripture
There is a lot of content on this website in reference to Jim Cross, Sr., my father-in-law. It is now time to be specific, point by point. This first 10 minutes is simply the low hanging fruit.
Torture, Pastors, Elders, and Reconciliation

Luke 23:34 “…Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing. …”

Jim Cross and the least of these

Matthew 25:40 And the King will answer them, 'Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.'

Reconcile Salvo 1 ● I want my kids to know
Discernment, Contending, Reconciling
5 years after the worst day in my life
Benton Falls and a Serious look at Reconciliation
While the frame of reference is a hike to up Benton Falls, in Polk County, Tennessee, the subject matter is reconciliation, and specifically with my father-in-law, a PCA Elder, Jim Cross.
Gal 2:14 “before them all”
Jim Cross - Man to Man

The 276 girls in Chibok, Nigeria have long had a tug on my heart. The events of the last many hours has had a real impact on me.

Jim Cross Invitation
Broken heart offer
Attempting to reach my kids
Reconcile with Jim Cross
Naming Names

This is my effort to reconcile. I hope you will find an example of a man who has received the Lord’s mercy and is striving for mutual mercy with others.

Heart Attack
Offer Grace