You would not exist
Day: Saturday December 23, 2017 ● #1
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A question to consider.

The Kozlowski Family ● Kozlowski

My Family's Health

Father's Day - Acts 20:20 - Project Veritas and the Pinterest Whistleblower Video

Unambiguous celebration of my wife, our anniversary, and continued appeal for reconciliation - I suggest an important read for my kids

Inspired by Leo: My Souvenirs, Seeking Reconciliation without Retribution

Easter 2019 Appeal to my Family

Happy Valentine’s Day – no massacre required!

Updated Traditional Family Reading - 1st Samuel 8

This is a reading of 1st Samuel 8, which sharply contrasts the historic documents I formerly would read.

You would not exist

A question to consider.

Encouraging my kids to love rather than lust

This is an eleven minute comparison of my ride in a $100,000 Tesla Model X and a slow walk with an old man. I hope you find encouragement in it.

In our rut

Preparing our kids to contend

It is my desire that my kids will be able to handle difficult questions as they go through life rather than simply submitting to others. Without this ability they are minions.

Good Night

Saying good night to the 3-year-old that I shot with a Nerf gun.

Encouraged by Scripture

To my sons

About me

GoCC and James White

Start Wrestling

Compromise Revisited

In Christ Alone

The Box - Flowering Tea

Mars Hill

To my Girls about Encouraging Jerks

The beard

Kids- Man's court

Strange with iPad