Personal Favorites

Marriage Defined and a Commitment Beyond

The best a foul man can do.

An encouragement to other men who are followers of Christ.

Deceived by the truth

You are most vulnerable to deception when you are convinced you are right.

Do you bow the knee to the Lord or the Institution

An offer of dialog to the congregation, not the leadership.

Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, Adultery, Mercy

This might make you very uncomfortable, or you might find the Lord’s marvelous mercy.

Islam, Planned Parenthood, and the CIA

A review of events in the Middle East in the summer of 2017 and an analogy of Planned Parenthood to the CIA.

Isaac - My Encouragement

While this was done specifically for Isaac, it is also meant for Brent, Jack, George, Walter, Zadok, Chris, Matthew, and anyone else who will hear.

Your Goal

This was seeded from discussions with friends. It is meant to encourage.

So many go through life with no goal, no focus. If you have a goal, it is the Lord’s gift. Pursue it wholeheartedly and “do all to the glory of God.” (1Co 10:31)

Kids and Parents

A conversation today reminded me of an incident when I was a child. I want my kids to know they can have confidence in their dad to love his wife.

Naming Names

This is my effort to reconcile. I hope you will find an example of a man who has received the Lord’s mercy and is striving for mutual mercy with others.

Eventful Week


The concept of reconciliation is a very big deal. I hope you find this encouraging.

Do not compromise

After some study, things become clear about numerous events and relationships in my past. This is a brief effort to encourage my kids, and anyone else that would be willing, to consider what compromise may involve.

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