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A Site is the unique logical entity that defied by the Host in a URL

All Core Services exist in a Site but are not necessarily used or accessible.

There can be one or more Sites on a Computer.

There can be one or more Sites at an IP address.

Site,Alias Link

This is a domain that is used in place of the given one.

For example “” might contain a Site,Alias pointing to “”. The interaction will be using the “” domain, but the data, as well as logging, will be with the “” Site.

Nesting is not allowed. In the above example a Site,Alias in the “” Site will be ignored. This limits the complexity of relationships and prevents infinite loops.

Site,Home Link

This is the Segment for the home of the Site. It should be a full Segment name including the leading ‘/’.

Site,Redirect Link

When this site is the Target, a HTTP redirect command will be issued to the supplied address.

Site,Template Link

When this Site is the Target and the Layers are built, the given Site will first be included in the Layers. This can be nested.


If a given Domain does not have a Site, higher level domains will be examined to find a Site_Unknown. If one exists, a HTTP redirect command will be issued for that Domain.